Generating More Lead With These 3 SEO Tools


Leads generated through SEO is one of the routes of improving conversion rates of a website at Caseo LTD. There are two sides to it. One, use SEO tools such as Ahref and SEMrush to find keywords and track SERP movements. These get you organic searches, i.e. leads. You can read their Review here.

Second, use an SEO tool to convert the leads generated by encouraging them to take the next step, like subscribe to an email list. That’s the topic of discussion here.

Three SEO tools that help convert site visitors.

· Hello Bar
Hello Bar lets you convert current visitors into customers by designing bespoke messages for them and displaying them at the correct time. The SEO tool sits at the top of the site and displays appealing offers to every visitor. Hello Bar also creates pops-up, known to drive almost 1375% more subscribers, that gather the contact details of your visitor.

Through the SEO lead generation tool, you can generate tailored designs of the bar and the pop-up. You can even customize the CTA and headline to suit the user. Moreover, it reduces your effort by automatically picking the most suitable colour combination for the call-to-action! Some examples of how Hello Bar helps in converting leads are:

Display a pop-up screen right when the visitor is ready to leave the site.
Tailor pop-ups to fit smaller screens for mobile users.
Customize messages to match the location of the user.
Send themed messages to users during the holidays.

VideoBoostVideos are dominating the internet. Any business that desires more lead generation and conversion in 2020 needs to invest in videos. VideoBoost is a simple application that allows you to create videos effortlessly. The app comes with marketing copy and video templates that you can utilize to generate a trendy video. Within a few clicks, you can optimize a video on the app to fit your brand or the occasion.

· ClickMeeting
ClickMeeting is a tool that aids in creating and sharing webinars. Webinars are great for generating and converting leads because they have a dual effect. The first is the generation of leads during the webinar, and the second is the conversion of leads when the webinar is repurposed as a blog. ClickMeeting helps you by customizing the webinar in a few short clicks. It also ensures that you can run the webinar on any operating system and device. Through the software, you can even live stream the webinar on social platforms like YouTube and Facebook, which gets you more leads

The Last Few Words
SEO is more than generating relevant leads. These quality leads once acquired need to be converted. Thus, put to use SEO strategies that work on both fronts. One of these tactics is to leverage SEO tools, like the ones mentioned above. Make the most of them by keeping the tools an integral part of your marketing plan for 2020!